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On blind friending

This is the era of “friending” through online social networks. Some people have already done so much friending that they’re fed up. Their online social networks are full up, thank you. Some people are just climbing in, and are busy … Continue reading

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When does word of mouth beat advertising?

An OpEd piece in today’s New York Times compares the boost that Huckabee and Obama got in Iowa from people talking to people with their opponents’ well-funded advertising campaigns. Romney outspent Huckabee on TV by 6 to 1. Edwards aced … Continue reading

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Mark on Dave at Shannon’s about everyone’s connections

I love these chains: Mark Oehlert blogged about Dave Gray’s talk at Shannon Clark’s MeshForum a few months back (all good friends of mine). The talk is now a podcast at the excellent IT Conversations. In it, Dave and his … Continue reading

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