In which I answer Andrius’s 12 (excellent) Questions

We talk a bunch about openness and transparency, but I don’t know anyone who walks that talk more than my friend Andrius Kulikauskas. Andrius lives in Vilnius, Lithuania, and runs the Minciu Sodas (Orchard of Thoughts) Lab from there.

He recently asked me his 12 Questions for Us to Know Each Other, which are thoughtful like the Proust Questionnaire, but more spiritual. I really enjoyed our interview.

Here’s a link to the video with my answers to all the the questions (the video quality is poor, so think of this as a podcast.)

Andrius’s 12 Questions are short and simple, but I really appreciated his amplifications on each. Here they are:

1) What do you care about?
More specifically: How would you introduce yourself to a person who is interested in you but knows nothing about you?

2) Do you care about thinking?
More specifically:  What are ways that your values clash and how do you resolve them?

3) What do you value?
More specifically: What is your deepest value in life which includes all of your other values?

4) What do you seek to know?
More specifically: What is a question that you don’t know the answer to, but wish to answer? (There may be several.)

5) What do you wish to achieve?
More specifically: Your “endeavors”.

6) Would you think out loud?
More specifically: What part of your thinking might you share freely, openly, in the Public Domain?

7) Where do you think best?
More specifically: How do you think best? What is your preferred way of thinking?

8) What is your dream in life?
More specifically: What would you wish for, especially what role would you like to play in life, if there were no obstacles?

9) How can we help each other?
More specifically: What kind of help would you like to give to others? and get from others?

10) What do you truly know about?
More specifically: What matters do you think yourself an authority on?

11) What lessons can you share?
More specifically: What are some concrete ideas / patterns / questions that you wish to contribute to our culture?

12) What do you know of God?
More specifically: What do you infer or suppose about how this world is set up, how it works?

Andrius also posted my answers separately to YouTube (to obey their 10 minute limit). The first one is here.

I’d love to see anyone else’s answers. Post away!


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