Motorbike stolen; answers to “Thumper”

On April Fool’s Day, I noticed the disappearance of my beloved bike, a 1989 Honda GB500 TT (Tourist Trophy) that I’d bought used in 1998. I had seen it the night before, parked as usual parallel to the curb outside our flat on Church Street (in San Francisco).

Maybe, I thought, it’s an April Fools prank. But a couple of days went by and Thumper didn’t rematerialize.

So I’m posting a picture of the victim and will tweet and blog about it in the hope that someone will spot Thumper. Here’s the last image I got of him:


Assuming bike thieves don’t read too many blogs, I’ll point out Thumper’s real distinguishing mark: the seat isn’t the stock GB500 seat (which you see in the nicer bike in the background), but rather an aftermarket seat with yellow piping I had just bought and installed. For confirmation, the last numbers of Thumper’s license are 341.

If you sight him, please drop me a line.

By the way, single-cylinder, four-stroke bikes are called “thumpers” because they have a bit more vibration than multi-cylinder bikes. But I liked the image of the rabbit.

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