Thriving in the Relationship Economy

This morning I gave a new talk with a tool that I hadn’t used before: Prezi. I’ll ruminate on my experience with the tool some other time.

My talk has the same title as this blog post. Here’s the Prezi file I spoke from (the link is only good through Oct. 21, when Prezi will remove it).

I’m currently in the mode of improving that talk, then I’ll record a screencast talking through it and share that. In the meantime, I’d love your comments.


About Jerry Michalski

Lateral thinker, itinerant troublemaker, convener, idea mill.
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1 Response to Thriving in the Relationship Economy

  1. rpeters59 says:

    I really enjoyed your ideas. I have been speaking to senior executives with a presentation titled: “Relationship Capital: Accounting for Your Success”. You can see my Slideshare presentation on my LinkedIN Profile page. I hope we may speak in the near future.

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