An iPhone grumble grumble (ok, two)

What happened to the nifty link between addresses in my Google Calendar and the Google Maps app on my iPhone?

Once upon a time, I’d fill in the location data for an appointment on the Web. Easy. Then I’d look up the appointment on my iPhone (using the mobile Google iPhone apps), click on the “map” link, and it would launch the iPhone’s map app, where it was a piece of cake to get directions from “current location” (thanks, Apple!).

Except something’s messed up now. When I click on that same link now, it takes that browser window to the Web version of Google Maps, which over EDGE takes a good two years to paint. Then all my easy navigation doesn’t work anymore. Grrr.

The other grumble is really to ATT. Yesterday I drove from downtown SF to San Mateo on 280, one of the two major thruways serving the Peninsula. I don’t drive this daily, and I seldom have a call going all the way down, but yesterday I was on one call during most of the drive, and I fell off it three times. My signal dropped to zero, I lost the call, then I had to wait at least a minute each time to regain signal.

Really, ATT people. If you can’t overpower 280 so that calls never drop, what can you do?


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