Using photophlow as I blog and tweet (and Brain) and keep real brain from popping

photophlow is one of the way-coolest apps I’ve seen in a long time, and it’s sort of a perfect way to talk about this VizThink conference.

The app asks for your Flickr ID, then offers a beautiful way for multiple people to talk together (using an elegant built-in chat) over shared media. Way elegant Web 2.0 app.

Then photophlow lets you add account info for IM, email, twitter and tumblr for example. So I can tweet about a photo from photophlow. Very sweet. And of course, I’m adding thoughts to my Brain all this time.

I said “sort of” because there aren’t enough photos uploaded from VizThink yet to Flickr (tagged vizthink08), so a few of us are merrily chatting away, but we don’t have enough material to talk over.

Email me if you’d like an invite into photophlow to chat about this.


About Jerry Michalski

Lateral thinker, itinerant troublemaker, convener, idea mill.
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