Blogging from VizThink, surrounded by lonely visual thinkers

Today I’ll be blogging from VizThink, which feels like the first confluence of a variety of graphical disciplines. People are involved and excited. Partly I think they’ve felt lonely, and this is finally a place to find and commune with like minds.

Among the viz luminaries present are Dave Gray, who helped catalyze this event and runs XPlane (and is crazy great at using Flickr); Bob Horn, dean of visual languages; Scott McCloud, the Habermas of comic art (see the short clip of him speaking I put on YouTube); Nigel Holmes, whose visuals you’ve been seeing for years in Time Magazine; and David Sibbet, who pioneered the field of graphic facilitation (my apologies to other luminaries who might feel slighted; this is a quick take).

And just to get started, my table neighbor, Bruce Daniel of Cartifact, mentioned something I hadn’t seen before: Nikon’s riff on the Charles and Ray Eames Powers of Ten short, titled Universcale.


About Jerry Michalski

Lateral thinker, itinerant troublemaker, convener, idea mill.
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