Wooo hooo! Got my OLPC

On Thursday FedEx home delivery dropped off a mystery box. I opened it, failed to recognize the logos on the cover sheet I saw on top of the contents, then dug deeper and saw this:

Ah! the logo!

An early Christmas present! Here’s what the unit looks like booted up.

Perky looking, no?

Two initial reactions that point to the almost-finished nature of the OLPC:

  • The WiFi network I normally connect to has a WEP password. Those aren’t supported quite yet, though there is a longer workaround that I didn’t try.
  • I closed the device and waited for it to go to sleep. In vain. No sleep mode yet.

But the way I found out that there’s no sleep mode was fun. On the OLPC wiki I found a link to one of many OLPC IRC sessions. Popped in there, asked the question, got an almost immediate response.

I’m looking forward to playing more with the unit. It needs a name, too. Will think on that.


About Jerry Michalski

Lateral thinker, itinerant troublemaker, convener, idea mill.
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One Response to Wooo hooo! Got my OLPC

  1. Sky says:

    Woo hoo indeed! Umm, what DOES it do if it doesn’t sleep?

    That you had to discover it is proof that constructivist learning really works. ;-)

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