Wonderful to finally get to use the NY Times properly

Thank God the Times finally opened its doors to the Web. They stopped archiving all the articles, breaking everyone’s links, and made themselves fully linkable. At looong last.

For years, because of this deficit, I’ve been emailing myself Times articles every day. Four or six daily. All because I had no intention of paying $1.50 or whatever years later for an article I might not really want, but might have to read. So I’d do the extra work and keep it on my hard drive (or in Gmail, most recently).

No need to do that now.

I also never put NYT article links in my Brain, because the links would break. Now I’m dropping Times links in my Brain where they belong, and it feels great. It’s as if I’ve been weaving a big tapestry and I can finally use the color purple. Feels great.


About Jerry Michalski

Lateral thinker, itinerant troublemaker, convener, idea mill.
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