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In which I muse about the future of the Net

Some European journalists recently asked me a different set of great questions, this time about where the Net might be headed. The questions and answers are posted online here. Being a bit too modest to quote myself here, I’ll just … Continue reading

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On Ada Lovelace Day, many inspirations

Suw Charman-Anderson has provoked a wonderful outpouring of appreciation today for pioneers in technology (broadly defined) who have two X chromosomes. You can find details of this great idea at I’d like to honor several women’s contributions. All of … Continue reading

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On blind friending

This is the era of “friending” through online social networks. Some people have already done so much friending that they’re fed up. Their online social networks are full up, thank you. Some people are just climbing in, and are busy … Continue reading

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My road-trip mix tape

brand new friend by lloyd cole the perfect driving tune carmina burana by orff wheel. of. fortune!!!

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Gatto’s dropouts don’t prove his point

I had a great time listening to John Taylor Gatto talk at the recent Future Salon. He started talking before the scheduled start time, then covered lots of ground over more than two hours. He has a lot to convey. … Continue reading

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Minding OneWebDay

Susan Crawford started OneWebDay back in 2006 to help remind us how valuable this Web thingie is. She hoped to inspire us to help it stay special and to evolve in more special ways, rather than become just another marketing … Continue reading

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Just uploaded my Bucharest presentation

I’m in Bucharest for another IDLO program, showing microfinance experts from the region what social media can do. I uploaded the presentation I’m using to SlideShare here.

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Heading to Chennai for a week

April and I are off to Chennai to teach in an IDLO program on microfinance. No, I don’t know much about microfinance (April does!), but I do know a bit about social media, so I’ll be running a session in … Continue reading

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Windows Mobile is one way Microsoft can’t innovate

I’m not sure how many articles I’ve read over the years that not only say that Windows Mobile sucks, but detail the same reasons why: putting a tiny version of Windows on small screens is an idiotic idea, no matter … Continue reading

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An iPhone grumble grumble (ok, two)

What happened to the nifty link between addresses in my Google Calendar and the Google Maps app on my iPhone? Once upon a time, I’d fill in the location data for an appointment on the Web. Easy. Then I’d look … Continue reading

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TED’s been barcamped!

Heard from Shannon today that a self-organizing alternative to TED, the supremely expensive annual conference, is also taking place in Monterey this weekend. The new event, BIL (get it?), has a site and a wiki (BIL = Beauty, Intelligence, Levity; … Continue reading

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Interviews of note

If you want a quick take on the top interviews here at FastForward, check out: Sandy Kemsley David Weinberger Liv Brahin Jim McGee (to be posted shortly) Rob Paterson

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Doing video interviews from Fast’s user conference

I’m almost done with three days of video interviews from Norwegian enterprise search vendor Fast‘s annual user conference. I’m doing what David Weinberger did last year (you can see his interviews here). This year, David gave a great talk. Other … Continue reading

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