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In which I muse about the future of the Net

Some European journalists recently asked me a different set of great questions, this time about where the Net might be headed. The questions and answers are posted online here. Being a bit too modest to quote myself here, I’ll just … Continue reading

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In which I answer Andrius’s 12 (excellent) Questions

We talk a bunch about openness and transparency, but I don’t know anyone who walks that talk more than my friend Andrius Kulikauskas. Andrius lives in Vilnius, Lithuania, and runs the Minciu Sodas (Orchard of Thoughts) Lab from there. He … Continue reading

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Motorbike stolen; answers to “Thumper”

On April Fool’s Day, I noticed the disappearance of my beloved bike, a 1989 Honda GB500 TT (Tourist Trophy) that I’d bought used in 1998. I had seen it the night before, parked as usual parallel to the curb outside … Continue reading

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At last: a decent, simple vector graphics tool

I’ve long whined about the lack of simple drawing tools, blaming Adobe for vacuuming up all the simple tools so that we might all buy its Illustrator offering — a piece of software I will never learn to use. Google’s … Continue reading

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Thriving in the Relationship Economy

This morning I gave a new talk with a tool that I hadn’t used before: Prezi. I’ll ruminate on my experience with the tool some other time. My talk has the same title as this blog post. Here’s the Prezi … Continue reading

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On Ada Lovelace Day, many inspirations

Suw Charman-Anderson has provoked a wonderful outpouring of appreciation today for pioneers in technology (broadly defined) who have two X chromosomes. You can find details of this great idea at I’d like to honor several women’s contributions. All of … Continue reading

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On blind friending

This is the era of “friending” through online social networks. Some people have already done so much friending that they’re fed up. Their online social networks are full up, thank you. Some people are just climbing in, and are busy … Continue reading

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My road-trip mix tape

brand new friend by lloyd cole the perfect driving tune carmina burana by orff wheel. of. fortune!!!

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The Law of Convenience

Every additional step that stands between people’s desires and the fulfillment of those desires greatly decreases the likelihood that they will undertake the activity. Continue reading

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What should Obama do to help Africa?

At the IDLO Microfinance Project workshop in Dar es Salaam, I asked the 25 collected participants to blog, email or otherwise tell us what are the most powerful things Obama might do to help Africa. From Stella Odife of the … Continue reading

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A Microsoft ad I love (who knew? it’s not Seinfeld)

Via Chris Carfi and Twitter, just saw a lovely skit that Microsoft’s ad network people created: “Advertiser vs. Consumer.” The point that advertisers have no clue about actually conversing is sweetly made. Whether Microsoft’s ad people can actually do better … Continue reading

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No more buffing the corporate veneer: time to pierce it

Old-school branding and public relations are all about creating magical, memorable brands, unifying the enterprise’s many operations under that brand banner, then making sure nothing besmirches that image. Think of that old-fashioned brand image as a beautiful burled veneer covering … Continue reading

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Public Relationships (an open letter to PR agencies – repost)

I originally posted this to my Blogger site — the site that vanished mysteriously some time back. It’s not showing up on Google, so I thought I’d repost: Thursday, August 12, 2004 Public Relationships (an open letter to PR agencies) … Continue reading

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